A glossy metal roof on top of Vail’s ice arena raises concerns from citizens

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 20, 2009 5:24 pm

If you ever had a neighbor build something in front of your house that obstructed your view, then you might relate to this story. Neighbors next to the Dobson Ice Area are complaing that the new metal roof on top of the arena is too reflective.

Homeowners at the Vail International Condominiums are upset about the new roof and say they weren’t properly notified about the roof’s replacement, according to a September letter to the town from Snowden Smith, Vail International Condominium’s general manager.

The previous roof was wood shingles, a material no longer allowed for new roofs within the town. The Design Review Board chose the beige color of the new metal roof because it felt the proposed gray color was too industrial-looking, said Community Development Director George Ruther.

But Vail International Condominiums homeowners say the beige color is way too bright, although Ruther said he’s spoken with the manufacturer and thinks it’s the glossy finish of the roof that is causing the reflection, not the color.

Town staff is recommending the Town Council vote to either replace the roof at an estimated cost of as much as $450,000, plant trees around the arena to block neighbors’ view of the roof, paint the roof with a low-gloss paint or keep the roof and landscaping the way it is now.

Mayor Dick Cleveland said the town likely won’t decide to make any changes until after winter since snow will temporarily fix the problem.