Flu outbreak on Dancing With The Stars could be good for Louie Vito

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 20, 2009 3:16 pm

Earlier today, we reported that snowboarder Louie Vito’s days on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” may be numbered. Well, now that there’s been an outbreak of the flu among the cast, perhaps (if he can stay healthy) he’ll win by default! Maybe he’ll be the last one standing!

Derek Hough was the first to be bitten by the flu bug, and now Lacey Schwimmer has come down with it. “I’m living off of [vitamin drink mix] Emergen-C right now,” Lacey Schwimmer said after Monday night’s performance. “And though I love them, I’m also keeping my distance from Derek [Hough] and Mark [Ballas].” Derek’s model partner Joana Krupa was also sick, but not quite as ill as Derek.

We joke, but we hope that everyone feels better soon. If Louie’s gonna win, it won’t be because the flu took out every other contestant! He’ll win fair and square!