Olympic silver medalist Shannon Bahrke and U.S. Freestyle Teammate David Babic brew for adaptive skiers

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 20, 2009 11:45 am

U.S. Freestyle Ski Team athlete David Babic certainly has his hands full. The new father of baby Wyatt has been in Zermatt training with the rest of his fellow Team mogul skiers, and the season is about to get under way. This year, the star bumper has added another feat to focus on, too. Babic has been volunteering his efforts for the Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports organization, which offers daily sports and recreation programs. “I believe that it is important for all of us to feel the freedom and power of nature and sport,” Babic said of his choice to help out. “These activities are inspiring and can help to boost moral and self-belief.”

Not only is Babic volunteering, but he has chosen to partner with teammate and Olympic silver medalist Shannon Bahrke to create a special Silver Bean Coffee blend to benefit Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports. (Bahrke and her fiancé launched Silver Bean Coffee in Salt Lake City, and create blends that support several athletes and their respective causes.) For every bag of coffee sold, one dollar goes back to the athlete along with their chosen charity.

Babic credits his spunky pink-haired teammate for planting the seed to give to others. “This was really spearheaded by Shannon and her organization Silver Bean Coffee, and their desire to give some of their earnings back to a non-profit,” Babic said. “That really started making me think again about all the different organizations I’d like to be a part of and would want to see succeed.”

“I think that one of the things skiing has been so great about is it has allowed me to go out and explore the outdoors and the wilderness and that sense of freedom- it’s really amazing,” Babic continued. “What these adaptive ski and snowboarding programs have done to allow people who in the past haven’t had that opportunity, is to get to experience that freedom and the ability to explore and create your own turns.”

For more information on Babic’s special blend and those by other athletes, visit silverbeancoffee.com.


photo: US Ski Team