Help preserve Utah ski resorts Alta, Brighton, Snowbird and Solitude

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 21, 2009 1:56 pm

Are you either a resident or frequent visitor to Salt Lake County’s Wasatch Canyons in Utah? They’re home to the Alta, Brighton, Snowbird and Solitude ski resorts…so hopefully you’ve at least visited. In addition to housing those awesome ski resorts, the Canyons provide more than half of Salt Lake City’s water supply. Pretty important. That’s why you should attend the open house November 4th and 5th put on by Salt Lake County. The open house is designed for folks like you to go and give your input as to how the Wasatch Canyons can continue to thrive. With the exponential population boom, they’ll face increased challenges to maintain their beauty and balance. The Wasatch Canyons need your help!
So head out to the county’s open houses next month and give your input. Alta, Brighton and the rest of ‘em will thank you.