Squaw Valley turns 60 with epic opening day celebration on November 21

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 21, 2009 4:10 pm

It has been the year of the 60th anniversary.  China celebrated 60 years of communist rule in September.  NATO hopped on the 60th Anniversary bandwagon last April.  The Peanuts gang celebrated 60 years of Lucy ganking Charlie with the football.  All historical anniversaries, but the biggest 60th of them all is only one month away.

On November 21, Squaw Valley celebrates 60 years of open lift lines.  The iconic ski resort has been nicknamed Squallywood, as its legendary terrain has attracted countless ski film makers.  From Blizzard of Aahhhs to There’s Something About McConkey, Squaw Valley has forever been imprinted onto celluloid and into our brains. 

This 60th Anniversary will be both a huge celebration and a chance to remember one of Squaw Valley’s own, Shane McConkey.  Shane’s buddy, JT Holmes will be a big part of Squaw’s opening day celebration, performing a huge base jump from the cable car.  “I am honored to jump the cable to celebrate opening day and Squaw’s 60th anniversary.  I sure wish Shane was jumping with me, and we’ll miss him each day we ride Squaw’s lifts.”

No doubt thoughts of McConkey will be most prevalent riding “the mothership,” aka KT-22, considered by many to be the greatest lift in North America.  This September, Squaw renamed Eagle’s Nest — the mountains most prominent feature, located at the top of KT — to McConkey’s.  “I am so proud of how Squaw has honored my best friend,” said Holmes.

There will be a massive balloon drop from the Funitel, live music at Olympic House, and an outdoor screening of the anniversary movie, Squaw Valley USA: 60 Legendary Years.  Winter Olympic gold medalist and Squaw’s Chief Mountain Host, Johnny Moseley will be bumpin’ moguls with the public.  “I am certain this will be a season to remember. Great skiing with great people at the best place. I can’t wait to kick it off on November 21st by skiing with everyone I can and enjoying some entertainment from JT Holmes when he launches out of the Tram in honor of Shane McConkey. See you on the KT-22 sundeck.” 

One last 60 for you, as in 1960, the year Squaw Valley hosted the Winter Olympics.  The 60th Opening Day Celebration will roll right into the 50/60 Anniversary Celebration, a season-long Squaw fest celebrating both the 50th Winter Olympics anniversary and the resort’s 60th birthday.

Opening day of a special year for a special mountain.  November 21, bring your camera!  Celebs, balloons, JT Holmes (fresh off of his feature on 60 Minutes), Jonny Moseley, the newly minted McConkey’s, all set to the backdrop of the legendary mountain of Squaw Valley.

In 60 years, you’ve never looked better!

Squaw Valley USA 60th Opening Day Celebration, November 21
1pm – Ski With Jonny Moseley, 1pm at the top of the Funitel
4 – 4:30 pm – Monster Toast, Balloon Drop, Cable Car Base Jump
5 pm – Screening of Squaw Valley USA – 60 Legendary Years
7 pm – Live Music at the Olympic House

top photo courtesy of unofficialsquaw.com

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