The Ski Channel Insider

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 21, 2009 2:07 pm

It has been a busy week here at The Ski Channel…We started off spending the day with Simon Dumont… we picked him up at the airport and filmed him all the way to his Oakley fitting and then back to Red Bull for the LA premiere of Transitions, which is one of the best ski movies ever made… The Television Show is almost edited and get you closer to Simon than his Mom was in 2nd grade… we have been coordinating with Lyndsey Dyer on the name of her documentary in Japan… We have also been working with Cody Townsend on building out his incredible run at an unknown place in the Eastern Sierras with Jeremy Jones – you won’t believe it… Errol Kerr is coming in tomorrow to see the first screening of his new documentary which will debut right around the Olympics… You’ll see The Ski Channel in all kinds of magazines this month… Snow Mag should hit newsstands this week and we are the entire cover of In The Snow Magazine in Europe this month… We gutted our Studio B and are waiting for our new Panasonic gear to land…  It has a green screen, a black screen and a set with two chairs from a chairlift… And lastly, we will be at the home of Tony Pritzker this weekend in Topanga where tons of snow will be brought in for a fund raiser featuring Shannon Barhrke, Tommy Crezchin and Jonny Moseley as well as celebs Courtney Cox-Arquette and Pamela Anderson… All the kids will actually get to ski and snowboard in Topanga… We have had a record amount of stories this week on the website and if you haven’t seen what it on the television network this week – it is incredible… Thanks for listening, clicking, watching and reading!