Smart ways to store your ski gear

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 22, 2009 10:39 am

As the season approaches rather quickly (some of you may have already made it out to Loveland, Arapahoe, or other ones that are open already), one thing seems to happen to us year in and year out. We take our skis, boots and poles out of storage to find that we really didn’t take as good care of them as we should have. The skis have fallen over one too many times and are in desperate need of a good tuning. The boots are super stiff and won’t fasten properly. Unless you know the correct ways to store your gear, these kind of things happen to tons of people all the time.

But there are easy ways to avoid them. When you’re ready to put away the gear for a while, remember to put everything in a dry place that’s clean and won’t be subject to falling objects. A garage is not the best place—a closet would be much preferred. That way, the temperature remains more constant and you have a better idea of what your skis are going through everyday. If you can fit an inexpensive ski rack in the closet, great. If not, just stand them up in the corner.

For your boots, ideally you’d get a cheap boot bag, but to be honest, you can just use a plastic bag and it pretty much does the same thing. You’ll want to put some duct tape around the bottoms to really make sure the boots are sealed up, and you’ll for sure want to close the buckles. If you leave them open for a long time, they get harder and harder to close.

If you’re careful about how you store your stuff, you’re sure to save some money in repairs or replacements. And right now, that’s a very welcome idea…