Jay Peak’s renames Tram Haus and gives grandma her due

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 23, 2009 10:42 am

Grandma gets her just due.  Jay Peak Resort in Vermont has renamed the Tram Haus Lodge Restaurant to Alice’s Table.  Alice Lewis was known as the “grandmother of Jay Peak.”  Here’s Jay Peak to explain:

It’s a nod to someone who took up a big piece of Jay Peak’s past, but didn’t necessarily get the houselights thrown on her in a way she probably should of. Alice Lewis that is. She worked alongside Walter Foegger back in the day and was responsible for everything from book-keeping and accounting to payroll, marketing, human resources and housekeeping. She also had a financial stake in the place, as if she needed additional motivation. Alice also ran a de facto boarding house for the wayward sons and daughters (employees) of Jay Peak. Always made sure they had a hot meal to boot. Alice’s Table is a nod to her, to her sensibilities and the amount of pride she took in telling everyone-and literally anyone-that she was affiliated with Jay Peak. In an additional nod to her dinner ritual, we’ll be keeping one long banquet table available for open seating in the new restaurant. A perfect way to meet new folks who share the same sensibilities, the same interest in locally grown foods (there’ll be a ton of it on the new menu), and the same desire to keep the way it was alive as we walk through the process of creating what it’ll be. We’ll send out more information about chefs, menu items and other details as they develop.

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