Lindsey Vonn reveals life goal and is recognized as the Michael Phelps of skiing

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 23, 2009 5:34 am


It’s always nice to be recognized. No, Lindsey Vonn was not recognized in an L.A. restaurant as she ate breakfast, but she was recognized in the form of an exclusive article in the L.A. Times this morning. She was also recognized by NBC as being to skiing what Michael Phelps is to swimming. Quite the comparison.

The accomplishments of Lindsey Vonn are, frankly, staggering for a woman of 25 years. She has what every skier dreams of…overall World Cup championships. What doesn’t she have? “Obviously, my life goal is to win a gold medal. I feel like in most ways I’m ready, but then again, in some ways, you’re never ready. I try not to think about what can happen, if I do well and what it would be like.”

Winning the gold would be amazing for LIndsey, but we just hope she stays injury free and doesn’t have a repeat of the 2006 Turin Games, when she was airlifted after a bad downhill crash. “I was hard-wired to ski race. Lance [Armstrong] is hard-wired to ride a bike. It’s who we are. When I crashed in Torino that was one of the things that really scared me: I am a ski racer. If I couldn’t ski race, what would I do, who would I be?”

As for NBC’s grooming Lindsey to be the Michael Phelps of ski racing? Here’s what the LA Times said: “Actually, with only five available medal chances, NBC would settle for Vonn’s becoming the anti-Bode Miller, the five-event, party-boy American who went winless in Italy as he alienated people in several languages. Vonn isn’t going to be that kind of problem. “I’ll be in bed at 9 o’clock,” she joked.”

‘Atta girl. Best of luck to Lindsey this Saturday in Soelden, and we eagerly await the opening runs in Vancouver in Februrary.