Ski Science: Twitter to become integral part of the ski resort experience

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 23, 2009 12:14 pm

How future technologies will change our lives really is just speculation, but file this one under prophecy.   First the non-prophecy part: Twitter has agreed to deals with both Google and Bing to allow its “tweets” to be search and indexed.  True that Twitter has its own search function, but throw Google on the case, and you know it’s going to be good (much more functional).  And it will, a for sure prophecy, have a huge impact on ski resorts.

Twitter’s future lies with mobile phones.  Evan Williams, Twitter CEO, says ““I think Twitter can create the most value on mobile phones, because it is more immediate,” Williams said. “We believe we can enhance people’s lives on the move.”

This is where we get to ski resorts and prophecy.  For far too long, ski resorts have been rather liberal with their snow reports.  Understandably so, as the distinction between “packed powder” and “hard snow conditions” directly effects skier visits and their bottom line.  The questionable conditions reports have even spawned an entire blogging industry of websites, like, dedicated to giving accurate conditions.

In an article on TMCnet, Gary Kim observes, “Tweets can have a powerful influence on discretionary behavior. Length of lift lines, prevailing wind conditions and cloud cover can influence a decision, on the spot, about taking a ski day… Once on the mountains, tweets can provide other useful information, such as crowds at one lodge, fewer at another. Around lunchtime, that’s a big deal.”

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