What it takes to be a real ski addict

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 23, 2009 3:37 pm

Many of you out there claim to be true ski bums, true ski addicts. Do you really have what it takes? Are you a wannabe, or are you the real thang?

Submit your reasons why you truly are a ski addict, and the person who seems to fill the boots to the best degree will be crowned True Ski Bum by The Ski Channel.

To give you a sense of what you’re running against, here are a few examples courtesy of skibummery.com: “In our observations, we’ve seen numerous examples of ski addiction. On a recent day of spring skiing, a young man said he slept in his car overnight to save on gas and be able to ski again that day. A fifty year old supermarket checkout guy had that skier tanned face from being out all season. He was working evenings, so he could ski all day. He had a big smile and his life centered around skiing. Obviously, he had little responsibility in life; no wife, children or job that interferes with time on the mountain. Now, being off the mountain for a while, the endorphin receptors are apt to be more responsive than later in the season, when it takes all day to get the same buzz. The true addict may sometimes say to themselves that they don’t really want to go skiing, but they suddenly find themselves riding a chairlift up and asking themselves if they were crazy even letting the thought of not skiing into their mind. What else would they rather be doing than skiing right now?”

Is that you?