Utah’s ski resort bookings booming

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on October 24, 2009 8:38 am

Alright, you could use a loose definition of “booming” and be right on track or you could use “booming” relative to the results of the rest of the world, but we are going with “booming” for this story.  Per the The Salt Lake Tribune and Mountain Travel Research, ski resort bookings for January and February that were made in September are up 17% and 7% respectively compared to those same two months in 2009.

Granted the snow fairy came a little late for the 08/09 ski season, but you can’t deny that numbers heading North are better than numbers heading South.  Like everyone else, we at The Ski Channel believe that their trump card will be very simple – snow!  So lets pray for more and blow these numbers out of the water…I mean snow.