Pamela Anderson partners with US Ski and Snowboard Team to rock LA

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on October 25, 2009 9:34 pm

Once again the management of the US Ski Team have hit it out of the park with their star-studded Los Angeles fund-raiser this past Sunday in Topanga Canyon.  Celebs, sports stars, pro skiers and snowboarders, legends, ski industry brass, Hollywood producers and directors…it was the place to be in LA.  The soiree entitled, “Vancouver Bound – US Ski and Snowboard Los Angeles Reception” took place in Topanga Canyon at a private estate/ranch and former nudist colony for a little under 300 VIP’s.  Snow was brought in and all the kids got to tobaggon and ride rails put together by the Mammoth Mountain crew.

It was one of those events where it would be easier to list who wasn’t there as opposed to who was.  Pamela Anderson woo’d audiences with her snowboarding prowess and hammed it up with the crowds.  You look left and see USSA COO, Dick Coe talking to US tennis star Sam Querrey and Gold Medalist Jonny Moseley.  Look right and there is US Ski Teamers Shannon Bahrke and Stacey Cook talking to Jamaican Ski Team member Errol Kerr and Mammoth Mountain CEO, Rusty Gregory.  Look across the lawn and there’s 48 Straight founder, Kipp Nelson talking to snowboard stars Elena Height and Tommy Czeschin.  It was just cool all over the place.

Coming off of smash events in Boston and San Francisco that collectively raised over a half-million dollars, this crew knows how to throw a party and get the right people in the room.  Lets just say the parking lot wasn’t filled with Yugo’s and Hyundai’s.  The crowd was A-list, beautiful people and it seemed every other person was a celeb of some sort.  Officials were coy on the amount of money raised but by virtue of how successful they have been in Boston and San Francisco, it is likely there will be enough wax for the racers in Vancouver.

Some of the key moments of the day included the live auction that featured an autographed Red Bull helmet from Shaun White, private skiing with Shannon Bahrke and all kinds of cool trips.  Pamela Anderson getting a snowboard lesson from the Mammoth Mountain snowboard coaches certainly drew a crowd and camera’s.  Greg Bretz also knocked the crowds socks off with his back flips off the jump.

Other attendies included snowsports stars Tracy Evans, Alex Dawoud, Jared Dawoud, ATP tennis player Clay Thompson, Producer/Director Bill Bindley and too many captains of the industry to mention.

When asked about the event, everyone said they had a lot of fun.  “We have really had a great time,” said Pamela Anderson.  “I brought my kids and they had a blast meeting all the ski and snowboard athletes.”  “I love to snowboard but haven’t gotten to do it much since I started playing on the tour,” said world tennis star #25 Sam Querrey.  “I can’t wait to get out again, but might have to wait until I get closer to the end of my tennis career because we are always playing during the ski season.”