Tara Dakides returns focus to snowboarding and resigns with original sponsor

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 25, 2009 10:30 am

She brought progress to the world of female snowboarding. Actually, she brought progress to the world of snowboarding. Transworld and Snowboarder magazines have given her honors of Best Freestyle Rider, Best Overall Female Rider, Female Snowboarder of the Year, and Best Rail Rider. She’s brought home the gold at the Winter X Games Slopestyle and Big Air, Vans Triple Crown and the Roxy Chicken Jam. FHM called her one of the Hot 100. Yes, we’re speaking of Tara Dakides.

After experimenting with new ventures in life, Tara is focusing her energy on snowboarding once again. She has resigned with her original sponsor after a ten year break. Sessions is once again Tara’s outerwear sponsor. Here’s what she had to say: “Life really does come full circle. Sessions was my first sponsor back in the day (19 years old) when a girl getting sponsored was few and far between. It’s a trip to come back after all these years with a new outlook and more experience. I’m excited to have more creative freedom with my outerwear designs and to be able to work with such great people who love to ride. It’s nice to feel a part of helping build something and be appreciated in the process. It’s good to be home!”

Brett Butcher is the manager of Sessions, and no one is happier than he to have Tara back: “Snowboarding has a lot to thank Tara for. In a time when women’s snowboarding was not as popular as it is today, Tara was breaking boundaries. She was not only progressing woman’s snowboarding but snowboarding as a whole. She paved the way for the Gretchens and Torahs of today and opened up everyone’s eyes to what was possible. Cheers to you, Tara, and welcome back!”

Welcome back indeed Tara. Rip it up!