Learn why The Thoren Theory makes women better skiers

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 26, 2009 1:11 pm

In the St. Louis area this Friday, October 30th, head out to The Alpine Shop in Kirkwood to hear Jeannie Thoren talk about women-specific models of skis and boots, and why it’s vital that women (more than men) need to know how their skis and boots affect their riding. Remember, this is Kirkwood in Missouri, not California.

Why would women need to know this information more than men? Thoren has spent 30 year analyzing how women ski, and she’s noticed a vast difference in how each sex approaches the sport. She’s combined her research into a theory, “The Thoren Theory” that’s comprised of simple ways women can improve their techniques on the slopes. “It seems so obvious now,” she says, “but when I started, biology wasn’t even in the equation. Now it rules because we’ve realized that women are built differently than men. They have a lower center of gravity and it’s harder for them to get enough weight forward onto the tips of their skis to turn efficiently. A little fine tuning can open up a whole new world of fun!”

After the lecture Friday night, women can sign up for individual consultations with Jeannie over the weekend. Have you used techniques from The Thoren Theory? How has it changed your approach? Have you seen results?