U.S. Ski Cross team expecting big things in Olympic debut

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 26, 2009 11:41 am


OK, there are only two of them. But the pen is mightier than the sword my friends. Wait, that doesn’t apply at all…let’s try again…

Sure, there are only two of them, but what they lack in numbers, they make up for in sheer awesomeness. There, that makes me sound more intelligent.

When you’ve got Casey Puckett and Daron Rahlves on an Olympic ski cross team, it doesn’t matter how many people are on the team. What matters is that they are on it. However, Rahlves and Puckett are, by professional athlete standards, gettin’ old. Theyv’e got kids and are getting into the whole settling down stage of life. This will probably be their last Olympic appearances. Thus, they will make it one to remember.

If you’re not familiar with ski cross, or with these 2 athletes, you should check out a new documentary called “Appointment in Vancouver”. It focuses on Casey Puckett and basically follows him from childhood through his 5th Olympic appearance. Ski cross team head coach Tyler Shepherd said: “I think it’s cool, not only to highlight Casey’s accomplishments and journey in ski cross, but it also gives a wide picture of where ski cross has come from and where we’re going to be in Vancouver.”

In preparation for the games, Rahlves and Puckett are training and focusing on a high level, but they’ll also start to back off as the games draw nearer, to decrease the chance of injury. When you’ve only got 2 guys on the team, you can’t lose any to injury. More from head coach Shepherd: “After this Olympics I think people will start to see the ski cross medal holds as much weight as any other Olympic medal. We have to stop looking at ski cross as an offshoot event. We have to start feeding athletes into the sport as another option.”