LA producer in talks for ski bum reality tv show

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 27, 2009 1:37 pm

A Los Angeles producer wants to make sampling the life of a token ski bum as easy as turning on your television.

Robert Hickey of Better Wings Entertainment, is in talks to film a reality tv show titled “Epic” that would document the lives of young ski bums trying to figure out life, one run at a time. The plan would consist of shooting 8-10 episodes in Jackson Hole, WY starting in February 2010.

Hickey has already received initial approval from Wyoming’s film tax rebate program, which would reimburse the show for 12-15 percent of production costs spent in Wyoming. The projected budget for “Epic” would be around $3.5 million.

The major hurdle that lies ahead for the show is finding a distribution deal, an issue Hickey is working to resolve.

Hickey executive produces the TBS show “10 Items or Less,” a comedy show that wrapped its third season this spring. The show takes place in a supermarket, and was produced using a cash-saving method where filming occurred while the store was open to the public along the vein of MTV shows such as The Hills, and Laguna Beach. As a result, the show would feature a more realistic and raw feel, a look that should go over well with the ski and snowboard community.

While some might question the choice of Jackson for shooting, the area is rich in talent for putting together a production unit. In fact, Wink Inc. production company, based in Jackson, is the company partnering with Hickey to develop and pitch the project.

“The cool thing about Jackson is all these amazing resources are right there with a ton of really skilled people, everything from shooters to audio folks to writers, producers — everything, you can get it right in Jackson,” said Wink Inc. owner and CEO Jason Winkler.