New study: kids watch way too much TV, need more skiing

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 27, 2009 6:20 am


Not that this is any surprise, but media consumption among children today is at an eight-year high. Kids between the ages of 2-5 watch an average of 32 hours of TV a week! Kids from 6-11 watch an averae of 28 hours a week! These figures include on-demand TV (whoops, that’s us) and video game usage.

So, kids watch more than a day’s worth of TV each week. That’s a full day they could spend being active, getting that precious Vitamin D they need so much. Take your kids out skiing with you this season! Show them how much better it is to be outside than cooped up indoors watching…The Ski Channel…whoops.

Seriously though, health advocates have linked more media consumption to obesity and delayed language skills in developing children, so this is something not to be taken lightly. Stop watching so many hours of The Ski Channel, we’ll be OK. Get out there and hit the slopes with your tots.