Rejoice! Mammoth Mountain fires up the snow-making guns

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 27, 2009 3:24 pm

Even though it hit a scorching 91 degrees in Los Angeles yesterday, the temperatures today have fallen dramatically.

With that, our friends to the north have been able to take advantage of these dramatic swings in the weather.

Mammoth Mountain began making snow today, as afternoon temperatures are currently hovering in the low 20s near Main Lodge. Mammoth is also on tap for a bit of natural snow tonight, as predictions call for 1-3 inches to fall. While it’s not as desirable as the previous prediction of 3-5 inches, skiers and snowboarders know every bit helps at this point.

Even after October’s quick opening and subsequent closing of the resort, Mammoth still lists their opening day for Thursday November 12th. However, if the conditions allow, it’s definitely possible Mammoth will once again open earlier then expected.

Keep those dances going for the snow gods.