The brothers in equality: skiing & snowboarding

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 28, 2009 2:13 pm

First time I strapped on some fat skis, it was over.  My snowboarding career was over, that is.   The irony is that the 1990s technological stagnation that skiing was mired in only ended because of snowboarding.  So here I was falling in love again with skiing because of snowboarding. 

Chester Allen of the Olympian notes that skiing is on the comeback.  It’s not a flippant observation, but one backed by numbers.  So while snowboarding’s participation numbers peaked in 2004, skiing has been a huge rebound.

Snowboarding may be hitting a maturity curve right now, and the new innovations in skis – curved tips on both ends, wider skis and shaped sides that make turning easier – have boosted skiing popularity.

Thankfully, the Great War between skiers and snowboarders has been dispatched to the absurdity bin.  A clash in establishing respect was inevitable, but alas, we have arrived at a higher plateau.  Skiing or snowboarding, it matters not, for both are brothers in equality.   Albeit it’s a little too late for the gentlemen in the video above (note: audio is NSFW).


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