Applause and admiration due as Cycle for a Cause crosses finish line

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on October 29, 2009 2:01 pm

For Max Kuszaj it was the completion of a hugely ambitious dream.  From the hatching of an idea — a fundraising cycle in support of Shane McConkey, Riley Poor, and Billy Poole — from Seattle to San Diego, to the completion of a mammoth 1500-mile journey, it all came to an end yesterday.  “As much as it was amazing to San Diego, it almost felt anticlimactic after all the days on the road.  But standing there on the boardwalk along Mission Beach surrounded by friends and family, in the sunset, and watching Sherry and Ayla (McConkey, pictured left) play on the beach, it all made sense as to why we did this ride.”

We all have great ideas, but those ideas usually fall short of execution.  A plan this grand, for a cause so great, only incredible admiration and applause remains for all the riders and especially Max Kuszaj.

A big congratulations on what had to be both an emotionally and physically grueling ride.  Kuszaj’s Cycle for a Cause was a huge gesture of community.  Show your support by taking a minute out of your day and donating here.  We are all part of the same brotherhood.  One nation under snow.

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