NFL Referee by day, ski apparel innovator by night

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 29, 2009 3:25 pm

Meet Mike Carey, NFL referee. That’s how most mainstream American sport fans know him. He started reffing in the NFL back in 1990, after having a successful career as a running back for Santa Clara University. In 2008, he tied for best referee in a poll taken by NFL head coaches. He’s known throughout the league for being very fair, and for showing up to every game well-prepared and extremely professional. Carey was the first African-American to referee a Superbowl when he officiated Superbowl XLII between the New Englad Patriots and the New York Giants.

Ski enthusiasts know Mike Carey in a whole other light. In 1979, Carey and his wife founded Seirus Innovation, a company that manufactures face protection, gloves, and other various cold-weather accessories. Two years ago, SnowSports Industries America named him the Chairman of the Board. He is quoted as saying his goal as Chairman is to “get the suppliers, retailers, reps, media and resorts to come together as one community and work together, then we can create synergy to help strengthen the snow sports industry as a whole”.

That’s not all for Mr. Carey. He’s also an inventor who has 8, count them 8, ski apparel patents. One of those is for “Cat Tracks”. Who woulda thunk that football and skiing could go together so well?

Thanks for your contrubutions Mike, both to football and to our beloved skiing.