Colorado ski town to push for legalizing marijuana

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 30, 2009 1:26 pm

The citizens of Breckenridge, CO will vote next week to “decide next week whether to legalize pot for all adults.”  Tuesday’s election could “legalize possession of smoking paraphernalia and up to 1 ounce of marijuana” should voters elect this measure.  According to the town’s legislator, “Pot possession would still be a state crime, but town police officers would have to take users to the county sheriff’s department to be cited.”

The Associated Press claims that “Prospects look good for the measure. In 2006, a statewide ballot measure to make marijuana possession legal failed 59 percent to 49 percent. But among Breckenridge voters, that measure won almost 3-to-1.”  This measure would undoubtedly make the Breckenridge Ski Resort a very popular vacation spot for all skiers and snowboarders.