No more naked Halloween running in Boulder

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 2, 2009 3:59 pm

Our beloved Boulder, Colorado, has always been known for its liberal stance on…well..everything. Every Halloween for 10 years, Boulder residents would put jack-o’-lanters on their heads and run down the street. Oh, and they would be completely naked. Well, because over a hundred people participated in the naked pumpkin run last year, the police department worried it was starting to get out of hand. So, they planned on stationing officers all over the place to ticket runners and make them register as sex offenders. Pretty ridiculous. But, on the other hand, it is their job as cops to enforce the law. And I guess it’s illegal to run down the street naked with a pumpkin on your head–but it’s so Boulder! Taking away the pumpking run is taking away a piece of the town.

Because of this police threat, the run was cancelled this year. Understandably, people were scared of being labeled sex offenders. The American Civil Liberties Union accused the police of violating constitutional rights, but in the end, it seems the law won as there was no run.

It’s hard to say no one ran because of the police threat or because it was freaking cold in Boulder on Saturday night. Either way, we’ll miss the pumpkin run and we hope one day it can come back. You rock, Boulder!

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