Barcelona Snow Show: the next double cork big air fiesta?

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 3, 2009 1:24 pm

It seems like only yesterday I was writing about the latest city-based freestyle skiing big air event happening in London. Oh wait, it was yesterday. No matter, at the rate freestyle skiing is currently progressing, it’s ancient history.

While the rest of us skiers are just now scoping the final results and catching the videos from this past weekend’s London Freeze, those lucky pro skiers have already left London, and shifted their focus to one thing. Barcelona!

November 7th marks the date of the Barcelona Snow Show happening inside Barcelona’s former Olympic Stadium.

Standing over 115 feet tall, the monstrous scaffolding will rise out of the field, where it will showcase some of the top freestyle skiers in all their glory.

Competitor List for Skiers

  • Jaime Puigdengoles (SPA)
  • Luka Melloni (SPA)
  • Jon Aguirrebengoa (SPA)
  • Pako Benguerel (SPA)
  • Simon Dumont (USA)
  • Tom Wallisch (USA)
  • Jon Olsson (SWE)
  • Corey Vanular (CAN)
  • TJ Schiller (CAN)
  • Matt Walker (USA)
  • Xavier Bertoni (FRA)
  • Sammy Carlson (USA)
  • Matt Margetts (CAN)
  • Andreas Hatveit (NOR)
  • Russ Henshaw (AUS)
  • Henrik Harlaut (SWE)
  • Oscar Harlaut (SWE)
  • John Spriggs (USA)
  • Shinji Osada (JPN)
  • Patrick Hollaus (AUT)
  • Joel Albaladejo (AND)
  • Paolo Martignolo (ITA)
  • Tobi Tritcher (AUT)
  • Scotty Jordan (AND)
  • Josep Gil (AND)
  • Noah Albaladejo (AND)
  • Elias Ambuhl (SWI)
  • Fabio Studer (AUT)
  • Benedikt Mayr (GER)
  • Paddy Graham (GBR)

In preparation for the event, I have come up with a list of the Top 5 questions heading into this weekend’s festivities:

1. Will Henrik Harlaut compete this weekend?

Notably absent from the London Freeze was Henrik Harlaut. He was in fact scheduled to compete, but wasn’t able to give it a go after sustaining a knee injury while doing some trampoline training the week prior to the contest. The injury wasn’t labeled as too serious, but it will be interesting if the Swede will be able to rally for this weekend. Any big air contest he enters, he is instantly a podium threat with his arsenal of spins and doubles. Look no further for evidence then his win at Berlin or his Jon Olsson Super Session video.

2. Will Simon Dumont show up as planned?

While Dumont had an invite into the London contest, he did not end up competing, or even showing up for that matter. The decision was last minute for Dumont as his Twitter feed provided a very public look into his decision, as he ended up staying home in Colorado from the event. Later in the weekend, Dumont tweeted that he was bored at home and regretted not attending the Freeze contest. With some skiers criticizing Dumont’s big air trick selection, look for Dumont to try to silence his critics if he attends. However, with Keystone Resort’s Area 51 park opening this weekend, it could be an easy decision for the Frisco, CO based Dumont to train locally.

3. Will Bobby Brown ever be able to drop Teen Heartthrob from his name?

Even though Bobby is increasingly becoming one of the best competition freestyle skiers in the game, he has yet to shake the moniker from his name. Being 6’2″ and bigger then most skiers, I suspect he’ll find a way to get rid of it one way or another…

4. Can the man from down under score a repeat?

Australian skier, Russ Henshaw, landed one of the biggest wins of his young ski career with a win last weekend at the London Freeze. His smooth double cork 1260 double mute grab was unmatched in terms of difficulty and style. However, with everyone nipping at his heels, can the man repeat his performance, or even top it?

5. Double cork = winning trick?

The most interesting storyline of all these urban big air contests has been the emergence of the double cork as the must have trick to win. Both stops, and the London Freeze, have all featured this maneuver as the winning trick. While there has been slight variation among the riders in terms of grabs, some are openly calling for the introduction of some new moves, as doubles are getting a bit played out for some.

Corey Vanular, in his first return to major competition, went outside the realm of the double cork, and put down a smooth nose butter 900 blunt grab. Many people are calling for a return to this style of riding, and being more creative then just “spin to win.”

Could we see the combination of the two? A nose butter double cork? At the rate skiing has been progressing, I wouldn’t rule anything out on a jump of this size.