The Ski Channel Cocktail Party Primer: Random facts about your favorite skiers and snowboarders

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 3, 2009 10:13 am

Just for fun, here are some random facts about your favorite top skiers and snowboarders. You’ll look like you know your $h!t at your next mixer. The holidays are just around the corner…

1. Bode Miller went to CVA (Carabassett Valley Academy) for high school, in Sugarloaf, Maine. So did Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Seth Wescott, and World Cup-winning aerialist, Emily Cook.

2. U.S. Team snowboarder Graham Watanabe was the first American man to ever win a World Cup in the snowboardcross (also known as boardercross) event. (Stay tuned for a full interview with Graham, to be posted this week on the

3. World Champion Lindsey Vonn has cows and names them after family members. She won her first cow at a World Cup in France, and that cow had babies. She named the first born after her sister, Karen.

4. U.S. Team snowboarder Nate Holland has won five (yup, count ‘em) gold medals at the X Games.

5. U.S. Freestyle Ski Team aerialist and World Champion Ryan St. Onge was pulled from school when he was young, and sailed around the world with his parents.

6. St. Onge’s friend and teammate, Emily Cook’s dad Don Cook is a top photographer, and often shoots the freestyle athletes at World Cup events.

7. Olympic Champion Ted Ligety gave Vladimir Putin Obama stickers during his visit to Moscow last year. The former prime minister told Ligety he’d stick them in the Kremilin.

8. 1998 Olympic gold medal-winning aerialist Nikki Stone used to be a successful gymnast growing up, but quickly got too tall for the sport. Stone’s flipping and twisting skills helped her to quickly become one of the best women’s aerialists of all time.

9. After winning the first-ever Olympic gold medal in the sport of snowboardcross (at Torino in 2006), U.S. rider Seth Wescott opened the Rack: a restaurant in Sugarloaf which features bibs, skis, snowboards and other competitive paraphernalia on the walls. 

10. Several of the world’s top freestyle athletes, including 1998 Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley, 2009 World Champion Ryan St. Onge, 2005 World Moguls Champion Hannah Kearney, fellow top World Cup mogul skier David Babic, aerialist Emily Cook, alum Trace Worthington (and more) all participated (at some point in their ski careers) in the dormant freestyle discipline of Acro (formerly known as ballet skiing).