Buy a ski resort over the internet

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 4, 2009 8:45 am

No, not on craigslist. Remember the Elk Meadows ski area in Beaver Canyon Utah? It’s not surprising if you don’t considering it’s been out of business for about 8 years. It’s a gorgeous area in the Tushar Mountains that’s perfectly isolated, being about a four hour drive south of Salt Lake. However, because of the isolation, not that many people knew about it/made the trip out there, so it closed down in 2001 after being open for 25 years.

After it closed, some businessmen tried to turn it into an exclusive country club type resort, something like Montana’s Yellowstone Club, but that didn’t fly with homeowners and other residents in the area. So, what’s next for Elk Meadows? An internet auction! That’s right, you can participate in an internet auction on November 20th to buy this resort. It needs a good amount of work before it can be even semi-operational, so the low bid in the auction is…oh, just some chump change….a million smackaroons. Yep. That’s $1,000,000.

What’s to stop the resort from failing yet again? The new owner must be a visionary. Someone who has the insight as to how to make Elk Meadows (or whatever it will be called) a thriving, successful ski resort. Shawn Miller is the Director of Sales for the auctioneer group, the LFC Group of Companies: “This is really a special piece of property, one that requires the broad exposure and universal accessibility that only an online auction can deliver. With our Internet-based auction platform, interested bidders can easily conduct due diligence and place bids from wherever they are – an unmatched level of convenience for buyers that has helped spark substantial international interest.”

So…any takers?

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