The best ‘job’ in the world: Miss Powder Mountain 2010

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on November 4, 2009 6:39 pm

“It’s that time of year again when Powder Mountain Catskiing fires up the best contest/party of the year!!”

We’ve been numbed to chest-thumping marketing speak, but when Powder Mountain Catskiing announces the best contest/party of the year, it ain’t no lie.

It’s the MIss Powder Mountain Contest, and even though I’ve thoroughly researched the official rules and have found nothing disqualifying me and my Y chromosome, I’m still thinking as a dude I have no chance of winning any contest that starts with a “Miss”.

Tragic, because if you’re not familiar with Powder Mountain Catskiing, I can break it down for you mathematically.  Multiply powder skiing x British Columbia x untracked catskiing, and the results are powder skiing heaven cubed (that’s to the third power for the non-math folks).  It’s hard to even write words about Powder Mountain Catskiing without getting immensely frustrated that I’m not… there… RIGHT NOW!

The best way to experience handfuls of RIGHT NOWs is to enter the 2010 Miss Powder Mountain Contest.  The winner gets a job that hardly requires anything remotely consistent with the concept of work:

If you win your job will be to ride Whistler Blackcomb at least two days a week, hobnob at various apres and parties around town and be the hostess with the mostess making Powder Mountain proud.

I must have missed that gig in the classifieds.  I’d go back to school to get a PHd if that were the requirement, but alas it all comes back to the “Miss” in Miss Powder Mountain Contest.  What I really need is a good surgeon.

Perhaps that’s a little drastic, as a day of powder skiing 125-square miles of untracked B.C. greatness is just $499.  Not many life-changing experiences can be had for less than car insurance.

Hey, and any day that starts with a breakfast burrito is a good day.  The meeting place for a day of catskiing at Powder Mountain is the Gone Bakery, kings of the breakfast burrito, in the Whistler Village.

Powder Mountain last year sold all their Bombardier cats and bought Pisten Bully 300′s.  These new guys are absolute beasts of comfort, heated Cadillacs of the snow.  Of course if it’s heli-skiing you prefer, Powder Mountain has a (and if we’re talking helicopters, we have to get a little hip-hoppy) mack daddy A-Star Helicopter.

Everything at Powder Mountain is first rate and surpasses expectations, a good thing when you’re shelling out serious coin.  Although, for Miss Powder Mountain, all the goods are free.  It’s Charlie winning the Chocolate Factory.  Ah, but again, it can’t be Charlie, it has be one of Charlie’s Angels. 

Entries are being accepted right now, just fill out the short questionnaire, submit a recent photo, and think about what it would be like to be catskiing B.C. RIGHT NOW.

Go to to enter.  The party to crown Miss Powder Mountain 2010 is December 3rd at The Longhorn.  Prizes from GoPro, Dakine, Oakley and free days of catskiing will be given away.



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