Jon Olsson’s YNIQ eyewear launches first ever gradient goggle lens

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 5, 2009 10:59 am

Since Swedish pro skiing superstar, Jon Olsson, announced he was leaving Oakley to form his own eyewear company, many were speculating on what kind of innovative designs to expect from the group.

So far, we had only been treated to the occasional picture of some prototypes on Jon’s video blog, but hadn’t really been able to get a taste of YNIQ’s overall design aesthetic, until now.

As Jon journeys to Barcelona for the Barcelona Snow Show happening this weekend, he has finally let us in on at least one of his unique stylings for the company. Behold the first ever gradient goggle lens.

Jon seems to be particularly excited about this goggle for several reasons. The goggle was crafted at production level quality, so he will finally have a goggle to his specifications for his ongoing GS training, as well as for stomping his patented double flips in the park.

Gradient lens will also allow him to continue the stylish ways he is known for in the skiing community. Olsson expressed his distaste for the orange, pink, and yellow tinted lens that are the industry standard for skiing with during adverse weather conditions. The gradient nature of the lens will provide him brightness on the lower portion of the goggle, and the top section will remain darkened for a more fashionable look.

As for when you at home might be able to snag yourself a pair of these luxurious goggles, it’s tough to say, but Olsson seems to still be aiming for a 2009-2010 winter season release. In Olsson’s blog he wrote how he still had a few production items to work out, but everything was going as planned.

In terms of pricing, that has yet to be fully announced, but preliminary reports estimated them to be launching at roughly 150 Euros.