Lake Tahoe to get $100 million for water cleanup

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on November 5, 2009 11:45 am

After another one of those typical all-night acrimonious sessions, California legislators agreed Wednesday morning to an $11.1-billion bond measure, a gigantic groundwater monitoring and conservation plan.  The plan must still be passed by voters.

Of course, it is politics, and the much needed overhaul/upgrade of a water system built to accommodate 18 million people (California currently has 38 million residents) has it’s critics.

Environmentalists worry about the salmon, conservatives decry the pork.  Not sure what the vegans are decrying.  Lake Tahoe, not part of the Delta communities for which the legislation was intended, stands to get a sizable chunk of change for the Lake Tahoe Conservancy.

The earmarks are intended to help the bond pass state wide.  Might be difficult to get Nor Cal folks to vote for an $11 billion measure that is really all about water for So Cal.  The money for Lake Tahoe would be used for water quality and watershed protection funding.  Keep Tahoe Blue, indeed!

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