Marijuana reform in Colorado leaves police stumped

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 5, 2009 4:43 pm

With the new reforms in Breckenridge concerning the use and possession of medical marijuana, police all over the state of Colorado are left a bit confused as to how approach the marijuana issue. They’re simply not sure how aggressively to pursue medical dispensaries  and growers throughout the state. Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said “the operative word here is ‘confusion. It’s very hard to figure out how to handle these issues. Our narcotics guys, when they come across a situation with a medical-marijuana defense, now consult with our prosecutors before moving forward.”

Here’s more from the Denver Post:

“Last week, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that dispensaries must provide more care for patients than merely distributing medical marijuana. And this week, the state Board of Health removed from its regulations the meaning of the “significant relationships” that define what makes a caregiver, saying it feared a conflict with the court. Law enforcement agencies don’t know whether the actions lift the lid off the legal role of dispensaries or clamp it down tighter.

“It’s a very hot topic, with no definitive answers where the line is,” said Denver police Lt. Matt Murray.

“The Board of Health decision, for me, only causes more confusion,” he said. “If we go on a raid and find marijuana, what do we do? If the user is licensed, what about the caregiver?”

It seems this issue will only get more murky and confusing before it gets clearer.