Bitch boards

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 6, 2009 9:42 am


Are you a bitch? Or, I mean, a woman? Sorry. Classless.

Well, if you are indeed a lovely lady and you’re a snowboarder, then riddle me this. Have you been searching for that perfect woman’s board? Tired of all the clunky, awkward, overly heavy planks? You can’t just throw a pony sticker on there and claim it as a girl’s board. Tired of all the dainty, weak, overly light and cheaply made boards for girls? We feel your pain! That’s why we think you should check out Bitch Boards.

This is an awesome company founded by women, making snowboards just for women. High quality, good looking stuff. Click on the Bitch Boards link in the previous paragraph to be taken to their website. Here’s a taste from their about section:

“BitchBoards® is a new and revolutionary company focusing exclusively on the creation of highly functional and fashionable “boards for bitches”. We are not talking about awkward and heavy men’s boards with butterflies and daisies slapped on top. We are also not talking about “chick-sized” boards with a dash of pink across the surface, hiding weak and cheap manufacturing. We’re talking about high-quality, Bitchin’ boards for the bad ass babes out there who demand a sense of style, separating the girls from the women.

Because of the outright negligence of the snowboarding industry to provide stylish snowboards for women, company founder and snowboarding enthusiast Alex Masterson decided to quit her bitchin’ and do something about it! Thus BitchBoards® was created. By dedicating the design process to understanding the actual needs and desires of the female boarder, women no longer have to sacrifice style on the slopes.

Each BitchBoards® design encompasses a distinctly feminine aesthetic, without succumbing to the ‘girly’ and the ‘cutesy’ stereotypes that most women’s boards portray. Masterson takes high-resolution photographs of nature’s beauty as the benchmark for the fierce sophistication women riders have been craving.

BitchBoards® is embracing the word ‘Bitch’ to mean an empowered and beautiful female snowboarder. It’s a fun and playful “thumbing of the nose” at a male-dominated industry that until now hasn’t addressed women’s real wants and needs. Move over ‘betties’-the ‘bitches’ are shredding up the mountain!

Our mission and philosophy is to always provide the highest quality women’s snowboards women love to ride and show off! We promise to provide the ultimate in style and design in every BitchBoards® snowboard without skimping on the performance or quality.

Many women try snowboarding on a men’s specific rental board and get too frustrated and give up. No wonder! They are trying to learn a very demanding sport while riding a man’s board that is heavy, awkward and hard to control. We believe that more women will try and love snowboarding if they are suited with the proper equipment. This is why we are bringing three-day snowboard clinics to various mountains across the U.S. this season to teach women to snowboard on a BitchBoards® woman’s specific board. The best part- after the clinic, the women get to take home the board they’ve learned on! Stay tuned for more info!

This season, BitchBoards® is introducing hot bindings that match our 2009/2010 Snowboards! As in everything, it’s important to look great head to toe and that includes your equipment! Don’t miss out or your inner bitch will never forgive you!”

That’s right girls. Embrace your inner bitch. Love her. Feed her. Pamper her…and check out Bitch Boards!!


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