Crested Butte wants marijuana too

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 6, 2009 10:25 am


After the recent marijuana victory in Breckenridge, Colorado, the town of Crested Butte, donned the “last great Colorado ski town”, wants some too. They’re not  making it legal to possess marijuana just for the sake of having it, you would still have to be a medical patient. But, it can be said that steps are certainly being made to further the medical marijuana movement, and Colorado certainly seems to be leading the charge.

Here’s the summary of what’s going on, courtesy of the Crested Butte News:

“A more detailed proposal regulating medical marijuana dispensaries in Crested Butte came before the council. A further draft ordinance will be presented at a future meeting. Under the proposed regulations drafted by town attorney John Belkin, dispensaries would be a conditional use in the Commercial Zone. They would have to be located at least 200 feet away from parks and would follow a stringent permitting process. Fashioned after similar ordinances drawn up in municipalities like Breckenridge, the Crested Butte ordinance allows the dispensing of medical marijuana but not the growing of the herb.
‘The Colorado Court of Appeals made a ruling last week concerning primary caregivers and who qualifies,’ Belkin explained. I’t’s an area of the law that is in flux. We will defer to the state statute when it comes to growing and let the dispensaries figure it out on that matter. This is unplowed ground.’
Town building and zoning director Bob Gillie agreed. ‘The grow operation is probably the area most fraught with problems,’ he said. ‘This draft sidesteps the issue but it is an issue fraught with problems.’
Belkin will continue to tweak the draft proposal before bringing it back to the council. He said when approved, the ordinance would sunset in a year so the council could evaluate the issue.”