Peak Performance narrows down King of Style video entries to final 20

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 8, 2009 11:55 pm

After weeks of fan voting, Peak Performance has announced the top 20 finalists for the King of Style video submission contest.

While you and I had our fun voting on YouTube, and thus controlling the fates of the potential riders, a pair of judges will narrow the field down to the final four. Don’t worry though, as the judges are more than capable of picking the right candidates. 2008 King of Style winner, PK Hunder, and all-around ripper, Henrik Windstedt, will lock themselves in a room until they come up with the right combination of winners.

Those lucky four will be flown out to Stockholm, and invited to compete along side the pros already prequalified for the contest on November 21st.

Side Note: You can check out my choices for the top 5 videos here. Thankfully, all my picks managed to sneak by for the top 20 round. PK and Henrik, choose wisely, hint hint.