Stefan Gimpl victorious yet again

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 8, 2009 9:13 am


And he’s done it for a second time in a row folks. Austrian snowboard phenom Stefan Gimpl has reached the top spot on the podium again as of yesterday, coming in first place at Spain’s first ever big-air event. This was the second event of the 2010 LG FIS Snowboard World Cup. Last stage was the big air in London, and Stefan took gold there. Now, he’s a back-to-back victor. The win was not easy though. Going into the third jump, the three top riders were neck and neck, with only two tenths of a point separating them. At the end of the day, Switzerland’s Gian-Luca Cavigelli was right behind Gimpl, only a tenth of point behind. Gimpl had 26.8 points for a great Frontside 900, and Cavigelli had 26.7 after a Backside 1080. Third place went to Gjermund Braaten from Norway who grabbed 26.6 points for a beautiful Backside 1080.

“I’m really pleased how everything goes at the moment,” said Cavigelli. “It’s awesome to place second two times in a row. I’m absolutely motivated. It would be nice if I could grab gold in Stockholm in two weeks.”

“This is amazing. This was so close,” Gimpl admitted. “Gian-Luca (Cavigelli) and me, we were even. I mean our last jumps were the same level.” He then added with a smile that his opponent, nine years younger, “still has some more years to win some contests.”