Help kids in Utah learn to ski

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 9, 2009 10:15 am

Remember how they used to offer driver’s ed in school? Maybe they still do in some areas, but I don’t know where. Well, now they’re offering “ski ed” in school. At least in Utah they are. But the kids aren’t 16, they’re more like 9. Ski Utah sponsors ski education programs in schools for fourth graders. Skiing is literally a class during the school day. How awesome is that?

What’s not awesome is that it costs a good deal of money to keep these programs going, and Ski Utah really wants to branch the program out into other schools across the state. People, esecially nowadays, are understandably having trouble affording the program. So what’s the solution? A fundraiser! If you can, participate in the Flaky Fundraiser and help the cause. If you donate 50 bucks or more, you’ll have a chance to get five snowflakes delivered to your home to put on your lawn. The flakes symbolize gratitude for helping more kids learn how to ski.

Let’s keep this ski school program going so we can teach the tots how awesome and beautiful winter mountain activities are. Whatever we can do to get them away from the video games for at least five seconds, right?

Click here if you’re interested in helping out.