Suspended Elizabeth Lambert needs to start focusing on Skier-X

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 10, 2009 12:23 pm

Now that New Mexico NCAA Women’s Soccer Team defender and Internet superstar, Elizabeth Lambert, has been suspended from the team indefinitely, we at The Ski Channel believe we have found her true athletic calling, Skier-X.

According to her player bio, the 5’8″ Lambert enjoys camping, surfing, and tacos. She needs to add skiing to that tag line, as she has the anger and intensity to perform extremely well in the Skier-X event.

For a peak at this aforementioned anger, check out this video of Lambert’s dirty tactics.

Well her skiing might be questionable, she sure has the competitive streak to sabotage any and all of her opponents out of the gate.

With Skier-X being added to the Winter Olympics at Vancouver in 2010, she better hurry if she hopes to capitalize on that anger for Olympic Gold. Aleisha Cline would be wise to start preparing a defense strategy.