Balloon Boy parents Richard and Mayumi Heene to plead guilty in Colorado court

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 12, 2009 5:59 am

Last month’s Balloon Boy spectacle/debacle involving the Heene family from Fort Collins, Colorado (Richard, Mayumi, Falcon) made headlines and grabbed the world’s attention. The six-year-old boy, Falcon, was thought to have floated away in his parent’s man-made balloon. Mother Mayumi Heene later admitted it was all a hoax, put on with the motive of gaining media popularity. The Heene’s certainly got their 15 minutes.

On Friday, Richard and Mayumi Heene will face a judge in a Larimer County courtroom. Their plan is to plead guilty. Mayumi will plead guilty to an offense of false reporting to authorities (a low level misdemeanor), and Richard will plead guilty to a felony offense of attempting to influence a public servant.

If Mayumi had pleaded not guilty and lost the case, she could have faced deportation back to her native Japan.

Prison time is a possibility for the Heenes, although their lawyer will fight for probation instead.

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