Childhood obesity and heart disease: cure with skiing

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 12, 2009 6:40 am

It’s no surprise that children in this country are getting fatter and fatter. Since 1970, the number of obese children from ages 6-19 has tripled according to a study in the 2007 New England Journal of Medicine. With the prevalence of video games, social networking, and fast food, this trend continues. A new study has been released suggesting that overweight children have a significantly higher chance of acquiring heart disease as adults.

Last November, a study released at the Heart Association conference found that the overweight children in the study had abnormal cholesterol and similar neck arteries to 45-year-olds. “Our study suggests that more of these young adults will have heart disease when they are 35-50 years old, resulting in more hospitalizations, medical procedures, need for chronic medications, missed work days and shortened life expectancy,” said Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, lead author of the study.


Many argue that in inner cities, where neighborhoods may not be safe, children are not encouraged to go outside. Parents would rather their children be overweight than risk going outside and facing gangs, drugs or other harmful factors.  Fair enough. However, this study includes children who live in “safe” areas as well. In general, the appeal of going outside and playing is simply outweighed by the appeal of what can be done at the touch of the fingertips.

Children NEED to be more active. Get your kids outside on the mountain. If you can’t strap some skis or a snowboard on their feet, then at least get them to run around in the snow. Roll around the mountain. Our kids are in serious danger here, and clearly, skiing is the only solution. Well, maybe not the only solution, but a darn good one.


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