Hope alive for dogs lost in snowy mountains, as military dog lost for 14 months in Afghanistan found safe

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 12, 2009 11:22 am


Sabi is a black labrador who worked with the Australian military as a sniffer dog. Last year, after an ambush by the Taliban in Afghanistan, she went missing. Teams searched and searched for months, but alas, no Sabi. Everyone assumed the worst. Sabi had been lost to the harsh desert.

14 months later…again I say 14 MONTHS LATER, Sabi was found, alive and well. She was able to survive alone in the desert for over a year. Mark Donaldson was fighting in the battle last year: “Having Sabi back gives some closure for the handler and for the rest of us that served with her in 2008. It’s a fantastic morale-booster for the guys”. 

It’s probable that someone had been looking out for Sabi these past months, as her condition was almost too good to be true.

Let this story give hope to all who have lost dogs in the snowy mountains! Many of us know people who have lost their dogs in the winter time either on a ski trip, or simply while up in the mountains. They’re resilient creatures, give them credit. If Sabi made it, so can your pooch!

photo courtesy of www.mailonsunday.co.uk