Origins behind K2 Charlie revealed

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on November 12, 2009 10:41 am

Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to encounter K2 Charlie, the unofficial mascot/RV of K2 rep Rob Allison.  Maybe you’ve been even luckier to have danced in K2 Charlie, or been privileged enough to spend a night inside her hallowed walls.

Her renown is large, her mechanical problems often larger.  Cutting through the myths of misinformation, Mike Gutt talked with Rob Allison to find out the true origins of K2 Charlie and his bestowed name.  No mangers or virgin births here.

Quite a few years ago i had been traveling through Europe without any money, it turned out to be quite an adventure. I went there with the original intention of removing my pinky finger for medical practice. I was told that some hospital’s pay quite a bit for this procedure. This ended up being a myth and so I was left in Europe with no plans and no money. I ended hitching through ten countries and sleeping outside the whole time. I slept in garbage bags for protection when it rained. This whole story is coming out in my first book called  “Is My Finger Really Worth That Much” hopefully spring 2010.

Anyway I was in Sweden, just south of Stockholm. I got picked up by an amazing couple from Belgium.  Simo and Tina had been in Finland visiting Simo’s parents, and were heading home.  They ended up being my very first dual day ride, meaning they allowed me to travel with them for two whole days.  When night came we stopped and ate together, sharing what each of us had to offer.  They even made me a place in their van to sleep.

This couple had such amazing amount of love to give. They were inspirationally caring and giving. When I was left on the highway just outside of Amsterdam, I was left with such a feeling of happiness it lasted for days. Even today when I reflect on those days I am filled with joy.

They were traveling in an old Mercedes cargo van that they had purchased from a plumbing company. They had customized the cargo area into their living quaters for their journey’s. It was all very comfortable. On the outside of this van was some lettering, that read Charly’s Plumbing. Simo had scraped off all the letters except the name Charly.

When I was first introduced to My RV I reflected on this adventure with memory of the love that Simo and Tina had left me with.  My whole plan was to create an RV that would be open to all that desired, and leave each visitor with enormous amounts of love and enjoyment that they would remember the encounter for years to come. So upon first site of it I knew that its name would be “K2 Charlie”

Read the entire interview here.

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