Some convenient skiing how-to’s

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 12, 2009 10:21 am

This month’s issue of Skiing Magazine includes some very convenient “how to’s” when it comes to skiing or snowboarding. These aren’t technical lessons, merely some hints on how to make life just that much better when you’re up on the mountain. These tips were submitted by readers of Skiing Magazine.

#1  How to warm up your hands

-Try this technique to get an instant rush of blood through your hands. Make sure to count a full second in between reps.

-Stand tall with your arms stiffly straightened at your sides. Point your hands at right angles.

-Shrug your shoulders up as high as you can, near your ears and hold them there for a second.

-In a sharp, violent motion, force your shoulders down. Repeat until you feel warmth.

#2   How to get up in super-deep snow

-We all know how much it sucks when you fall in some deceptively deep snow and find yourself rather stuck. Well, next time this happens, take your poles and lay them in an X on the snow surface. If you have a pack on, make sure to lay it on top of the X. Then, push off the center of the cross, or the pack, and stand up. Presto.

#3  How to find free, and warm, places to sleep in a ski town

-Always carry a warm sleeping bag in your car.

-If you can’t pick up a date and stay at his or her house, you need to find a heated underground parking garage.

-Scope it. Find the corner that is darkest, but wait for the right time.

-In the meantime, park your car somewhere else. Hotels and condos sometimes check tags on your car.

-Show up to the dark corner of the parking garage no earlier than midnight, and leave early the next morning.


Thanks to Skiing Magazine for these tips. Check out tons more in this month’s issue!


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