Tow-in big wave skiing? Cody Townsend and Mike Douglas appear to be on a mission

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 12, 2009 12:32 pm

For those whose actual job consists of hitting 2000′ couloirs and 60-foot cliffs, it can be said they have little to no fear.

But what happens to their comfort zone when they switch from snow to water?

It appears freestyle skiing pioneer and Salomon Freeski TV extraordinaire, Mike Douglas, and Levitation Project’s Cody Townsend, are on a mission to prove their dominance in yet another state of water along the lines of Laird Hamilton.

While vacationing in Maui during the epic swells going on there now, the duo decided they wanted to test what was possible when you combine elements of tow-in big-wave surfing with traditional alpine skiing. For an idea of the equipment they are riding in these waves, check out this picture.

The footage has not yet leaked at the moment, but Mike Douglas and Poorboyz’s John Decesare have been dropping hints about their exploits via Twitter.

Douglas 20+ insane mission accomplished! Not without a ski down! Ouch!” tweeted Decesare.

Mike Douglas tweeted, “WooHooooo! Top 10 lifetime day for me in my ski boots. @codytownsend and I just rode 20 ft waves on skis. Heavy heavy. 1 jet ski destroyed.”

Stay tuned to The Ski Channel to see the footage when it is released.