Snowflex provides the most realistic year round skiing ever created

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 13, 2009 1:24 pm

Skiing all year round isn’t a “new” technology per say. People have been finding ways to ski or snowboard in the summertime, late springtime and early fall for about 45 years now. But, never has there been a 365-day-a-year ski option that replicates snow as accurately and professionally as Snowflex. This is the real freakin deal. 

Snowflex is a high performance synthetic, polymer composite system. It requires very little start-up and maintenance costs, and it has been recognized as one of the most exciting innovations in the snow sports market. Snowflex is both “slippy” and “grippy”, so you can gain speed quickly, yet also turn and maneuver with ease while controlling that speed.

BRITON Engineering Developments is the company that developed Snowflex, and they left no stone unturned with this. In addition to installing the system, they also design the terrain for you. From their website: Designing terrain is as important as getting the surface technology right. The Snowflex team has “unique in the world” experience, designing features to fit into the smallest space but give maximum interest to all skill levels. This in turn creates a great platform for repeat business thereby maximizing visitor numbers. Briton keeps up with developments and trends in snow sports by working closely with professional skiers, snowboarders and professional terrain designers. However, there are crucial differences between mountains and synthetic slopes making BRITON’S design work unique.

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