US Ski and Snowboard Team Money Slayers tackle Chicago

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on November 13, 2009 4:03 pm

Is there enough prose to describe these pros?  They lay monetary smackdowns in LA, Boston, New York, and San Francisco and now they are tackling Chicago.  They fund racers, jumpers, bumpers, giant buildings…

Do they sleep?  Do they take a nap once in awhile?  I don’t think so, because they are working, or better said, they are always working it!

So check out how beautiful tonight’s little dittie will be!  It is the Chicago Ski and Snowboard Ball happening at the Standard Club, which is a private VIP venue in the Chi-town financial district.  This is the Ski Team’s 10th year of educating affluent Chicagoans on the virtues of investing a little of their extra in hill sliders like Steven Nyman, Stacey Cook, etc.

For tonight’s event, the 200-plus attendees will a get mind blowing eyefull from the Flying Ace All Stars and an earlobe onslaught from DJ Kiss (google her – your computer blows up).  Along with being easy on the eyes, DJ Kiss spins infront of a giant video wall for an added eyeball treat.

Many US Ski and Snowboard athletes have made the trek to the windy city, including Casy Puckett, Speedy Peterson, Nate Roberts, Nick Baumgartner, Eliza Outtrim, Sho Kashima, Jayson Hale, Steve Fisher and Jonathan Cheever.

The event is just getting underway with the silent auction.  One of the items sure to raise a lot of cash is a pair of Lindsey Vonn autographed Head skis courtesy of Chicago’s Viking Ski Shop.

We’ll bring more insider spy news as it comes! (scroll down to check photos of pre-game set-up)