Ski Team knocks another one out of the park

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on November 14, 2009 4:47 pm

The US Ski and Snowboard money raising team again rocked like Foghat at the Dayton arena in 1972 with a star studded soiree last night in Chicago that attracted a massive cadre of large wallet peeps.  Cue Carly Simon “Nobody Does It Better.”  Flat out these guys and gals have been hitting it out of the park every week.  San Fran, LA, NY, Boston and now Chicago.

Last night they brought in DJ Kiss from New York.  She is the ‘it’ DJ in Manhattan and blew the doors off the place.  The dance floor was packed the entire time and the giant video monitor was spectacular.  The Flying Aces performed and were tickling the ceiling they were going so high.  The crowd was in awe.

Breaking ranks from a lot of the traditional sit down dinner events, last night had only high tables, great food that people ate standing up and booze!  Lots and lots of booze.  It was likely the most hammered the crew has ever gotten their guests – barely a person left before Midnight.

There was a very appropriate amount of athlete interaction and speeches.  Speedy Peterson was great.  Nate Roberts told about how the Center of Excellence has helped him get back on his feet.  He also said that Olympic training is really stepping on his golf practise.  Nick Baumgartner told of how he was an All America wrestler and football player, and just tried snowboarding because it looked cool.  Hayson Hale owned the dance floor with his lime green suit coat, pink tie and grey converses.

As per usual, the Silent Auction made a fortune thanks to Bob Olson, the Viking Ski Shop owners numerous donations including autographed Lindsey Vonn Head skis.

So that makes for five in a row.  Not a clunker in the bunch.  Shortly this crew is going to have to go full time into fundraising.  For more information call 1(800) BR-549.