It was a ‘Hot Laps’ kind of weekend in Mammoth

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 16, 2009 9:53 am

If last weekend’s general theme could be summarized using that nasty, unspeakable word starting with the letter “i,” and ending in “e,” then the word for this past weekend was hot, as in “Hot Laps.”

Mammoth absolutely went off, as the combination of 4.5″ inches of fresh snow, along with great snow-making, made the mountain a virtually different place then last week. Coverage was excellent. The vast majority of the runs were covered in a solid base of packed powder. The sun was shining, and the temperatures were perfect. Not too warm, but temperate enough that a light jacket would suffice.

Lift lines were a bit longer, but I’m always happy to see my favorite mountain getting some business, especially in troubled economic times. Besides, there was still plenty of room on slopes like “Fascination” to make it your own personal racecourse, sans gates. It was truly the first time all season where I legitimately believed winter upon us.

For all you park rats (like myself) out there, Forest Trail was no longer the “white ribbon of death,” but a pure jibbing Mecca.

The current terrain features are set up in a continuous run as follows: a down-sloping mailbox begins the run, followed by a flat box, the shark-fin box, a fat lift tower, another flat box, the new aircraft carrier box, and finishing with two small jumps. Overall, it’s a great way to get back into your rail game, and get everyone ready for the big features once the snow hits.

Check out this video of the park getting shredded on Friday the 13th.

Even Mammoth nightlife was popping off like it was New Year’s Eve. Friday night saw a packed house at Whiskey Creek for the Volcom sponsored JLA “I Am Snowboarding” party. Additionally, Lakanuki was packed far more then normal, as the bar benefited from the overflow coming over from the other party.

However, the real festivities went down Saturday evening with the eagerly awaited premiere of Hot Laps, the Mammoth team movie. The village was transformed into an outdoor movie theatre, as hundreds came out to catch the screening. The newly constructed fire pit definitely got its use, as the temperatures were pretty frigid during the showing.

Highlights of the film include some amazing sunset shots of Gabe Taylor on the step-over table at Mammoth’s Superpark this past spring, along with the craziest wallride I’ve ever seen. I won’t spoil it too bad, but it involved a crane. Definitely do yourself a favor and grab a copy when Transworld Snowboarding includes it in an upcoming issue.

Now that I got you salivating in your cubicle over how amazing Mammoth is at the moment, I need you to break into your best snow dance rituals. Currently there are rumors claiming 2-3′ snow might drop come Thursday night. It might be a good idea to start looking for those tire chains hiding in the abyss of your garage.