Ted Ligety falls behind, Bode Miller gets a bloody nose in Levi slalom races

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 16, 2009 5:40 am

In case you missed the full report from Lara yesterday, the U.S. men didn’t do as well as they’d hoped over the weekend during the World Cup slalom races in Levi, Finland.

Austrian Reinfret Herbst took the first spot on the podium. Ted Ligety ran into trouble on his second run, and it cost him, as he slipped from a 7th place spot after the first run down to 18th place. What did that feel like, Ted? “A kick in the balls.” U.S. head technical coach Rudi Soulard said: “Half of the top 30 had trouble at the top of the steeps in the second run. And Ted (Ligety) was one of those guys. They were coming over the pitch with speed then getting kicked out and ending up below the next gate. From there it was tough for them to regain their rhythm.”

Bode MIller, after narrowly making the cut for the second run, found himself with a bloody nose and a swollen lip as he smacked his face into a gate. Coach Rudi called Bode’s first run “experimental” and then went on to say: “He was trying a lot of things but was still able to get a second run.” Regarding Bode’s face after the second run: “He’s okay,” said Soulard, “His skiing is not where he needs to be yet, but he’s doing all the right things to get there.”

Jimmy Cochran’s 19th place finish should move him back into the top 30 for the slalom start list.