Andre Agassi kills it in LA

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on November 18, 2009 9:59 pm

On a whirlwind tour to support his new autobiography entitled “Open,” Andre Agassi has done what he did on the tennis court so well and that is succeed!  The tennis pro turned snowboarder who owns a property in the Tamarack ski resort has spent a lot of time snowboarding with Shaun White.

But over the last two days Agassi has been bouncing from book signing to book signing, from radio show to radio show and television show to television show.  Tonight at the Century City Borders Bookstore, no less than 1000 people lined up to have Andre chicken scratch his name inside the cover.  If he had back problems before, he is going to have hand problems going forward.

Whereas numerous professional tennis players were negative about some of the revelations in the book, (the crystal meth) they were quickly forgotten about after people finally got a chance to read the book.  Now Andre has taken up a Dr. Phil like status on every show he is on.  Callers were unanimously supportive on all the radio stations and the book signings were filled with kids, Grandparents and many who had already read the book and praised its inspirations.

In reviewing the book, there are numerous definitives.  The first one is that it is an absolute masterpiece of literature.  The writing is truly superb.  The second would be the inspiration factor.  Andre went from the depths of despair to becoming the number one tennis player in the world. This is not a book about drug use.  That is a page.  This is a book about conquering demons, overcoming adversity and getting the most out of yourself.

One thing that is somewhat odd about the book is that it barely touches Agassi’s charitable nature.  It taps into it here and there, but it clearly does not give it the kudo’s it deserves.  This is a guy that threw yearly fundraisers that raised $13 million in one night and had stages filled with Elton John, Tears for Fears, Jerry Seinfeld and tons of other “A” listers and it doesn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.  This book is not a back slapping high five to himself like so many of these autobiographies from people who have not done nearly the good that Andre Agassi has done.

So the last definitive is that Agassi is a class act!  Walk, run, sprint to your local book store and buy this book.