King of Style vid contest winner PC Fosse hurt in training, Swede Kim Boberg to step in?

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 18, 2009 5:11 pm

You might remember that several weeks ago I made my predictions for the Peak Performance King of Style online video contest. After much deliberation I was able to narrow it down to my top five picks for who should score the invite.

However, Norwegian PC Fosse of Field Productions “Eyes Wide Open” fame, submitted his entry after I had written my article. I was livid. If he had gotten his edit in before I finished making my picks, he would have been my favorite, hands down. Maybe it was his perfect song choice, his double cork 1440, or oozing style on his Kangaroo flips, but the man had something special going on.


Here is his entry video:                                                                                                  Photo courtesy: C Frankum

Clearly the public, along with judges Henrik Windstedt and PK Hunder agreed with me, and overwhelming supported his bid.

After being selected along with the four other finalists, PC Fosse recently took off to the Alps to get some training in before the big contest in Stockholm on Saturday November 22nd. Unfortunately, while performing a double flatspin 900 with a “bow and arrow” grab, PC went down with a major concussion and some additional minor hemorrhaging in the head.

While PC’s injury is a huge bummer, it presents an open spot for his vacant entry.

According to Armada Swedish team rider, Kim Boberg, he has just been invited into the Peak Performance King of Style contest.

However, it is not yet confirmed if he was given PC’s spot, but its fair to speculate.

Get better Mr. Fosse!